If you've ended up here, you may have gotten a sense that this site is under construction -- and you're completely right. My creative endeavors have always been all over the place: from photography to filmmaking to bookmaking and zines and commercial work to point and shoot imagery to photojournalism, I am formulating how to properly express my artistic vision. I have a feeling this will be a life long journey, but I'm closing in on my most recent chapter.

Currently I'm living in Brooklyn and working in New York City. I moved here almost a year and a half ago with no job, but free lanced for a bit doing production and retouching work, then moved to a position as Victoria Will's Studio Manager for about a year. It was an amazing job and I'm lucky to have worked with such a talented woman and to have learned so much from her. I recently began working at world-renowned Christian Oth Studio as a Photo Editor, Lead Retoucher, and Print Specialist. You can read more about that at my LinkedIn page. If you're interested in a CV that includes my exhibitions and awards, please email me. If you're looking to collaborate - I am always interested, so please get in touch!



Pease stay tuned for new images, a visit from some old work, and some surprises.